Zonin Prosecco

Zonin Prosecco

Zonin Prosecco is a wine for enjoying simple moments of life. Zonin Prosecco is a varietal wine made from the Glera grape, which is native to the Veneto region. Prosecco is a lively, sparkling wine that is essential to having fun Italian-style. It is dry, food-friendly, and adds an element of festivity to any gathering or meal. Prosecco’s fresh and fruity flavor profile make it easy to pair with any kind of food and also makes it a delightful aperitif. Its stylish yet classic packaging is eye catching and makes it the centerpiece of any table or discussion.

Tasting Notes

Very well-balanced and appealing, with the extremely delicate almond note that is typical of Prosecco.

Food Pairings

An excellent aperitif, It can also be served throughout the meal – including desert – as along as the dishes are not too strongly.

Price: $10