Build The Wall

In honor of Donald Trump we mixed together Build The Wall and we’ll make sure the Mexican Government Pays for it. Tequila Lemon juice Pineapple…

Lizard Bait

Tequila Muddle Chili Pepper Agave Nectar Orange Juice Solerno Orange Blood Liquor

Blind Pig

Blind Pig is another term for a 1920’s speakeasy Milagro Tequila Lime Juice Simple Syrup Splash of Pineapple Juice Muddled Blueberries

May 2, 2015

It’s Cinco de Mayo Tequila Tasting with Sommelier Dave and Mixologist Ryan. We also celebrate the Kentucky Derby with a Mint Julep and the Buckner Family Mint Julep Ceremony.

El Matador

1 oz Lime Juice .75 oz Jalepeno Simple Syrup .5 oz Snap 1.5 oz Tequila 2 oz Ginger Beer Ice Mix Lime Juice, Jalapeno Simple…

Cigar Dave Show 5/3/14

Cigar Selection: Te-Amo World Selection Nicaraguan Blend Libation Selection: Tequila Tasting Maneuvers Show Content: Cinco de Mayo Tequila Tasting Maneuvers Podcast: