Gurkha Nicaragua

The Gurkha Nicaragua Series is the strongest Cigar that Gurkha has ever Made. It has peppery flavors and a smooth finish. It is made with…

December 2019: Gurkha Real

Introduced to rave reviews at the Premium Cigar Association Convention in late June, and shipped to retailers in late October, the Gurkha Real is the perfect “any time of day” cigar. Mild to medium in body, Gurkha Real delivers a consistent creamy taste with delightful notes of subtle sweetness. For connoisseurs seeking a cigar that’s delightful in taste and smoothness, but not overpowering, Gurkha Real is an exceptional choice.

Gurkha Real

The Gurkha Real is a smooth mild-to-medium smoke cigar is made in Tabacalera Las Lavas in the Dominican Republic, with a Criollo 98 Ligero (DR),…