Alec Bradley


Alec and Bradley Rubin looked to E.P. Carrillo (EPC) cigar maker Ernesto Perez-Carrillo for the Gatekeeper project. An inspiration to Alec and Bradley, Ernesto is…

April 20th, 2019

Chocolate Easter Ducks are now racist, more updates on the Boeing 737 MAX problems, prepping for Summer Grilling Maneuvers with Colonel Ange in the Pooch Pit as it’s time to get your grill prepared after a long winter, and our Cigar Masters Series with Alan Rubin from Alec Bradley Cigars and Lars Tetans after their big announcement a week ago.

Black Market Esteli

Alan Rubin from Alec Bradley Cigars noticed that many cigar enthusiasts know their favorite cigars come from Nicaragua, but the exact location remains a mystery….

Blind Faith

Blind Faith is the first release under the Alec & Bradley subsection of Alec Bradley Cigar Co. It’s a new cigar created entirely by Alan…

Texas Lancero

The Alec Bradley Texas Lancero was created by Alan Rubin as he set out to create a large cigar with big flavor. The massive 7’’…