Super Snacks for the Super Bowl 2016

Cigar Dave's Super Snacks for Super Bowl Wings

Cigar Dave once again hosted Super Snacks for the Super Bowl to get you ready for the Big Game.  The entire crew joined the General as they enjoyed cigars, libations and lots of meat!  The themes for the food and libations are Carolina vs. Colorado with a little bit of the host city of San Francisco sprinkled in.

Colonel Ange has prepared the Alpha Meat Locker

The Bacon Candy is ready

The Brady & Belichick’s Full of Bologna Sandwiches are prepared

Col. Ange’s Pooch Pit Menu

  • Bacon Wrapped Buffalo Poppers: A classic appetizer stuffed with Buffalo Wing Cheese, dusted with rub then smoked and finished with hot sauce.
  • Layers of Flavors Buffalo Wings: Chicken wings are brined, dusted with rub, smoked then finished on the grill with traditional Buffalo Wing Sauce
  • Bronco Burgers: A Mile High Burger made with ⅓ lbs. ground chuck, stuffed with jalapeno peppers, onion, hot sauce and corn chips. Served on a potato roll and topped with Monterrey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and a Smoking Chipotle Honey Sauce.
  • Grilled Cam & Cheese: There are two types of people in this world: People who say they like bacon and people who understand there is never such a thing as too much of it. A cheese sandwich is completely wrapped in bacon and grilled Just like Cam Newton, this sandwich brings home the bacon.
  • Brady & Belichick’s full of Baloney Sandwich: Theses guys are full of it and so is this cheese and sauce stuffed smoked bologna sandwich.

The Ladies Auxilliary Soup, Salad & Desserts

Gary O’Brien’s Pub Libations


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