St. Patrick’s Day Tasting Maneuvers

We’ve all got a little Irish in us on St. Patrick’s Day so Cigar O’Dave is conducting Tasting Maneuvers so you can celebreate the day properly.  Dave is joined by Sommelier Dave and CMO (Chief Mixolgist Officer) Ryan Pines for the show.

Irish Whiskies (Generally Distilled 3 times):

Tullamore Dew

  • Use more first-time bourbon barrels than others
  • DEW stands for Daniel E. Williams who became General Manager
  • Cigar Dave Tasting Notes: Vanilla, little bit of honey, has some kick.  Tasty with sweetness.


  • Traced back to 1780
  • Only Double Distilled
  • Cigar Dave Tasting Notes: Very pleasant, light golden color


  • Name recorded in 1743
  • 120,000 visitors a year to the Distillery
  • Oldest licensed Distillery in the World
  • Cigar Dave Tasting Notes: more tang than Jameson, more warmth



  • Looks like Root Beer, very dark
  • Cigar Dave Tasting Notes: Delicious, very smooth, not very bitter
  • Started in 1759
  • Largest brewer of Stout in the world


  • Vienna Style Irish Lager created in 1960
  • Looks like a Champagne
  • Cigar Dave Tasting Notes: very pleasant, very smooth.


Irish Egg Rolls

  • Ingredients: Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Sauce in an Egg Roll
  • Tastes like a ruben (more food that Per So So in New York)

Bangers & Mash 

  • Traditional British Dish of potatoes and sausages
  • Bangers originated from WWII, sausages contained more water and could explode when cooking

Shepherd’s Pie

  • Meat Pie with crusted Mashed Potatoes

Fish & Chips

  • Battered Fish (usually Cod or Haddock) and deep fried Chips

Corned Beef and Cabbage

  • Cigar Dave Tasting Notes: Delicious, not chewy or too salty.


Irish Coffee

  • Ingredients: Irish Whiskey, Coffee, Whipped Cream and Creme de Mint

Old Fashioned

  • Ingredients: Barley Syrup, Irish Whiskey, orange bitters, regular bitters, and ice (topped with zested orange)
  • Cigar Dave Tasting Notes: Expansive on the palette, fruity.  A Panty Dropper!


  • Irish Whiskey, Semi-Dry Sweet Vermuth, and green Chartreuse
  • Cigar Dave Tasting Notes: Sweet, Dames will love this.

Old Donkey

  • Ingredients: Barley Syrup, Irish Whiskey, ice, Fever-tree Ginger Beer and lime juice
  • Cigar Dave Tasting Notes: It has a sour tang to it, beautiful for summer


Irish Car Bomb Cookies

Cigar Selection:

The Black Market Filthy Hooligan from Alec Bradley Cigar



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