Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut

Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut

The 2010 Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut is ‘brut’ level dry and vintage in every sense of the word.  Rich, creamy and delicious with precise, pinpoint bubbles.  Iron Horse is named after a railroad stop of the 1890s.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Rising dough, orange marmalade and baked apple
  • Taste: Ripe red apple, mandarin orange and hazelnut

Food Pairing Notes

This is a beautiful sparkling with crispy pomme frittes with sea salt and black pepper, truffle popcorn, avocado and baby shrimp salad, bacon and watercress sandwich, wild mushroom tart, spaghetti with cream, parmesan and crispy onions, roast duckling with citrus.

Price: $30