Grandma Ida’s Pastrami

Grandma Ida's Pastrami Sliced

Col. Ange is currently preparing Grandma Ida’s long-lost Pastrami Recipe for our Super Snacks for the Super Bowl Maneuvers on Saturday, January 31st.  Here are some photos of the preparation which is underway.

The Brisket

Pastrami BrisketPastrami Brisket Cut


Pastrami Accoutrements

In the Brine

Pastrami In the Brine

Cold Water Bath

Pastrami Cold Water Bath

Corned Beef

Corned Beef

The Rub

Pastrami Rub IngredientsPastrami Rub

On the Meat

flat-end Navel-end-


In the Smoker

The Pooch Pit's Smoker

The Brisket is smoked

Front End of Brisket is smoked Navel End of Brisket is smoked

Time to eat

Grandma Ida's Pastrami Sliced