Florida Double Cask Bourbon

St. Augustine Distillery Florida Double Cask Bourbon bottle

Florida Double Cask Bourbon from St. Augustine Distillery was just released on September 9, 2016. Florida Double Cask Bourbon is aged in Florida’s maritime climate, this unique malted bourbon is spectacular. Florida’s year-round heat and humidity ages the bourbon faster and with greater intensity than anywhere in the country. The distillers have a running joke that our barrels “age in dog years.”

The spirits in this first release range from 16 to 28 months. New federal regulations require the “stated age” be that of the youngest spirit in the blend. We aged our whiskey in a sequence of new 25-gallon and seasoned 53-gallon barrels. To achieve our flavor profile, we hand-selected dozens and dozens of barrels to blend a unique and robust bourbon.

This isn’t bourbon made in Florida. This is Florida’s bourbon.


Deep and warm with notes of caramel, dark fruit, oak, and dark chocolate.


Full bodied, deep, and complex. Spicy at first followed by toffee and dark winter fruit with hints of coffee and leather.


Warm and pleasantly lingering; creamy, but not cloying. Full of caramel and dark chocolate notes.