FIOL Prosecco

Fiol Prosecco bottle

The extra dry FIOL Prosecco shows a light straw color, a typical bouquet reminiscent of wisteria flowers, acacia and also mature crab apple. With a shrewdly contained alcohol, acidity, lively but not overbearing it delivers freshness and palatability, savory and a slightly sweeter taste, contributing even more to preserve that character so appealing and inviting

FIOL comes from the Veneto region, the Italian region well known for its history and famous cities such as Venice, Verona and Treviso – the city has a standing tradition of cool people making and enjoying Prosecco.

FIOL is produced in the countryside in the surroundings of Treviso and the aim is to recreate in a single glass, decades of pleasure drinking Prosecco in this city.

Effective Alcohol: 11% volume