Daily Briefing: How FDA Regulations Started

Cigar Rights of America Special Meeting on June 21, 2016 regarding new FDA regulations

I had the opportunity to attend the special industry meeting of manufacturers with Cigar Rights of America this week in Miami. Glynn Loope, President of CRA, informs us how FDA regulations came to be and the corrupt process it entailed.  These onerous and unnecessary regulations on Premium Cigars are being done in the name of children who don’t even smoke cigars.  Not only that but the new regulations go back to the predicate date in 2007, that’s 9 years ago!

This Saturday on the Cigar Dave Show (12-2pm ET on June 25th, 2016) you will hear more from Glynn Loope, Jim Young from Davidoff, Rocky Patel from Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, Jorge Padron from Padron Cigars and Alan Rubin from Alec Bradley Cigars regarding these regulations and what comes next from the Premium Cigar industry.