December 2013: Casino Gold H.R.S.

Casino Gold HRS by Royal Gold Cigars
From the baccarat salons of Monte Carlo, to the high stakes poker rooms of Las Vegas, to the back alley dice games of Chinatown – Casino Gold HRS Cigars are the ultimate compliment to a high-risk, high-reward, always-on-the-go lifestyle.Blended by Nestor Plasencia Sr. & Jr. in Honduras, using five distinct high-quality variations of carefully grown tobacco, Casino Gold HRS Cigars are a medium bodied, flavorful cigar that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. Whether you are in a casino, or just pretending to be, you will feel like a true High Roller when smoking a Casino Gold HRS.
Casino Gold H.R.S.  
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Country of Origin: Honduras
Binder: Cameroon Distributor: Royal Gold Cigars
Filler: Nicaragua



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