Conundrum Red

Conundrum Red Wine Bottle

The Wagner family is pleased to release the second vintage of Conundrum Red with expanded distribution.

This truly is a Conundrum in style which is unlike any other red blended wine.

“As a kid growing up I remember seeing my grandfather sitting at his kitchen table and he would blend different wines together. Didn’t matter what the varietals were. He would blend, taste and explore. This inspired my dad, Chuck Wagner, to create
Conundrum White – our family’s exotic white wine blend.”

“Conundrum Red is a non-traditional blend of California red grapes. What are the varietals used? It’s proprietary and we believe the fun is exploring this intriguing wine. I am proud to be able to continue my grandfather’s practices…for three generations we
have been breaking the rules.”

This wine tastes great with many dishes; best with highly flavored foods, especially spicy tomato based sauces, dark spices or meats enhanced with BBQ sauce….and really…anything that will fit on your grill. Serve slightly to well-chilled.

“I hope your family and friends enjoy this wine as much as mine do.”

Charlie Wagner II


NOSE:  Almost floral, with tones of lavender, dried berries, baking chocolate, bacon bits.  Aromas are rich, velvety and wonderfully appealing.

PALATE:   Silky round entry with acid to balance and high fruit concentration.  The nose leaves no doubt about the seriousness of this wine. The palate is fruit driven both before and after the high tannin middle core.  The finish is long, not drying of tannin, and beckons a second sip.