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Cigar Dave Show 5/24/14

Cigar Selection: Kismet from Royal Gold Cigars Libation Selection: Hudson Valley Bourbon Show Content: We Observe Memorial Day, not celebrate it Retired Wing Commander “Chip”…

Cigar Dave Show 5/17/14

The Cuban embargo will not be lifted anytime soon, Australian Enemies of Pleasure are attacking politicians for smoking a cigar and “Bronies” are set to invade the Cigar City this Summer

Cigar Dave Show 5/10/14

Cigar Selection: Inch by E.P. Carrillo Libation Selection: Jack Daniels Rested Rye Show Content: My response to those upset we celebrated Cinco De Mayo Tequila Tasting Maneuvers…

Cigar Dave Show 5/3/14

Cigar Selection: Te-Amo World Selection Nicaraguan Blend Libation Selection: Tequila Tasting Maneuvers Show Content: Cinco de Mayo Tequila Tasting Maneuvers Podcast:

Cigar Dave Show 4/26/14

Cigar Selection: Perdomo Exhibicion Sun Grown Libation Selection: Zaya Rum Show Content: FDA proposes further regulations on cigars Rocky Patel LIVE in Humidor 1A Podcast:

Cigar Dave Show 4/19/14

Cigar Selection: Rocky Patel Platinum Libation Selection: Black Cat Vineyard 2010 Family Cuvee Show Content: Primetime Special: Attack on Masculine Men Podcast:

Cigar Dave Show 4/12/14

Cigar Selection: CAO Flathead Libation Selection: Crown Royal Black Show Content: Update on Nicaragua earthquake Disrespecting those who need Service Dogs White House plans to…

Cigar Dave Show 4/5/14

Cigar Selection: Edge B52 from Rocky Patel Show Content: From the Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In & Expo How you can learn to fly The…

Cigar Dave Show 3/22/14

Cigar Selection: My UZI Weighs a Ton Libation Selection: Breckenridge Vodka Show Content: Arnold Schwarzenegger breaks the rules with a cigar Third Hand Smoke?  Seriously? Soviet…