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Celebrating HAMCCC+ Pride Month, Canada’s Warning Labels on Cigarettes and Biden Arresting Political Opponents

We celebrate Pride Month—not the Pride currently being spewed—but “HAMCCC+” Pride. Canada mandates warning labels on individual cigarettes and little cigars; Are premium cigars next? Stalin-Mao-Hitler-Castro-Chavez-Maduro-Khamenei and now brainless Biden. All dictatorial thugs who had their political opponents arrested on bogus charges. Remembering “Commander Tom”—a childhood TV star from my hometown of Buffalo, NY.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebratory Maneuvers, You Funded The Bank Bailout & Phony Fauci’s Lying

We celebrate St. Patricks Day. Congratulations, you funded the Silicon Valley Bank depositor bailout. Marijuana good, cigars bad. Why Phony Fauci lied about inexpensive, effective therapeutics to cure the Wuhan Virus. Climate whackadoodle Greta Thunberg changes her tune. Legendary NFL Coach Bud Grant passes away. Jeannie looks great at 91! SNL cuts parody skit portraying Alpha males being superior to beta males, and Texas Congresswoman inquires about a journalistic threesome.

Wuhan Virus Leaked From Chinese Lab, FU-DA Attacking Cigars & Nashville’s Bar Smoking Ban

Effeminate beta “Second Gentleman” Douglass Emhoff–aka Mr. Kamala Harris–speaks out against toxic masculinity. The FBI/DOE confirm what we all knew three years ago—the Wuhan Virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The “FU-DA” attacking flavored cigars. Nashville enemies of pleasure enact bar smoking ban; and Volkswagen proves once a Nazi bastard, always a Nazi bastard.