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Marxists Mug Shot A Former President, Tribute to Rick Jeanneret & College Football Preview

For the first time in America’s 247 year history, Marxist democrats mug shot a former American president. Beyond outrageous. The longest tenured play by play broadcaster in NHL history—who I grew up listening to as a kid, and as an adult—Rick Jeanneret of the Buffalo Sabres, passes away. My tribute. And college football is back! Football guru Chris Landry of joins us for our 2023 college football preview.

Celebrating HAMCCC+ Pride Month, Canada’s Warning Labels on Cigarettes and Biden Arresting Political Opponents

We celebrate Pride Month—not the Pride currently being spewed—but “HAMCCC+” Pride. Canada mandates warning labels on individual cigarettes and little cigars; Are premium cigars next? Stalin-Mao-Hitler-Castro-Chavez-Maduro-Khamenei and now brainless Biden. All dictatorial thugs who had their political opponents arrested on bogus charges. Remembering “Commander Tom”—a childhood TV star from my hometown of Buffalo, NY.