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Massive Stupidity On Display, Camacho Factory Unleashed 2 Announced & St. Patrick’s Day

Massive stupidity is on display as investor Peter Schiff rips Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for not wearing a suit while addressing Congress during a war, The View wants investigations for stating facts about Ukraine biolab facilities and Madison Cawthorn calls Zelenskyy a thug. Plus Camacho announces the Factory Unleashed 2 and the Enemies of Pleasure continue to assault on premium cigars.

Carlos Toraño Sr, Freedom Convoy Alphas & Meat Eating Isn’t Racist

Cigar Dave pays homage to Carlos Toraño Sr. who passed away this week, Justin ‘Fidel Castro’ Trudeau continues to enacting draconian measures to stop the Alphas who are conducting the Freedom Convoy as it threatens his power. Plus a vegan feminist argues that meat eating is racist and Mick The Brit joins us to discuss the latest in the European Theater of Operations.