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December 7th, 2019

The Enemies of Free Speech are now upset over an ad for an exercise bike, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson change the lyrics to a classic song and ruin it because of #MeToo, Harry Connick Jr. is a beta male, schools continue to try to ruin boys, classic delis are closing, Richard Overton’s home is now a national landmark, plus we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor 78 years ago.

October 5th, 2019

The climate change fairy tale is being exposed for what it is, a way to redistribute wealth as the liberal whackadoodles are bring out 16-year-olds to threaten us, they’re asking us to eat babies in the name of the environment and flying in private jets while ridiculing you and me for flying. Plus Scandinavian Tobacco buys Royal Agio Cigars and I’ve been turned in with a whistleblower complaint.