2014 Happy New Year Champagne Tasting Maneuvers

The Champagnes we are sampling

The General conducted 2014 Happy New Year Champagne and Sparkling Wine Maneuvers on Saturday, December 28th.

Cigar Dave is giving you the proper intel to buy, store, and consume Champagne. Download it here.

Looking for Cocktails that use Champagne, here are some of our favorites.

Download the Tasting Notes as a reference guide when you shop for your Champagne and Sparkling Wines.

Champagne/Sparkling Wine Price Tasting Notes
Martini & Rossi Asti
$9-12 You can never go wrong serving Asti. A sparkling wine with universal appeal. Muscato grapes deliver deliciously fruity, sweet and delightful notes. I recommend keeping a few bottles on hand at all times.
 Korbell Extra Dry
$14 Light, crisp ans slightly tangy.
Rondel Brut Cava
$9 Peaty notes on the nose, with soft notes and flavors on the palate. Smooth and very enjoyable.
Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc
$35-40 The “white of whites” is appropriately named as it contains 100% Chardonnay grapes. Zesty and rich with subtle notes of melon. Perfect to serve at a multi- course dinner as an Aperitif or palate cleanser.
Saint Reine
$11-15 Totally delightful! Smooth, refreshing and ever so satisfying. A unique sparkling wine from France, but not from the Champagne region.
Iron Horse Russian Cuvee
$40 Pale pink in color, this Iron Horse is superb in all respects. Elegant and worthy to be served at special occasions. You and your guests say, “Wow”!
Mumm Napa Brut Prestige
$25-30 Yeasty and earthy notes on the nose. Robust in flavor and rather expansive on the palate.
Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut 
$35-45 A true French Champagne. Fresh and light on the nose. Very smooth and well balanced with muted hints of sweetness.
Veuve Clicquo Brut 
$50 Considered to be the Gold Standard of French Champagnes, the Veuve is full-flavored and crisp. Blended with two-thirds black grapes for body, and one-third Chardonnay grapes for sweet elegance, this Champagne demands respect.
Zonin Baccarosa
$15 Sweet, fruity, and lively. The dames will go wild over this superb Prosecco style sparkling wine. Always keep ample supplies on hand as this is “the ultimate panty dropper”. Magnifico!


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